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Esaya Siberians

* * Esaya - The Top UK Siberian Prefix (Siberian Cat Club) 2 years running 2014/2015 * *

A medium to large semi-longhaired cat with a very distinctive weatherproof coat, the Siberian breed originated from Russia as a natural outdoor cat.

Ch Magellan Onix Gloria

Moscow Import - Proven Stud

Ch Esaya Stardust

At Stud

Siberian Stud Conditions

  • Stud fee : Costs, terms and conditions - please contact the breeder
  • Matings with felv/fiv -ve girls only
  • Mating fee covers a stay of up to 4 days
  • Additional days at boarding rates away from stud £5 per day
  • 1 x free remate if queen has no live progeny on the due dates


And our new boy : Bonifatius Onix Gloria

Brown Classic Siberian

Aka Roly as the roles over and over and over again! He's one big softie Siberian.

Our Siberian Girls

Esaya Alexia (Female - Silver Torbie)
Ch Esaya Tigerseye (Female - Brown Tabby)
Esaya La Bete Noire (aka Betty) - Black Siberian
Esaya Snowball - Silver Torbie
Esaya Silver-Nimbus (aka Cloud) - Silver Torbie
Esaya Mata Hari - Tortie Tabby with White
Esaya Tsaryna-Echo - Silver Torbie
Slava Onix Gloria - Brown Spotted Tabby
Esaya Sigrid - Silver Torbie
Ch Esaya Freya - Tortie Tabby Siberian
Emeraldkingdom Whichycat - Brown Tabby

* * * * * * *

Former Siberian Residents

Siberian kittens    Rolex and Beckham (Siberian kittens)
Pictured Above Right : Rolex and Beckham (now living in Aberdeen)

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