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UK Gr Ch Esaya Mars

13c5 Red Point Birman
Blood Group : B
Date of Birth : 8th July 2003
Sire : Ch & Gr Pr Esaya Fieryjack  x  Dam : Esaya Shalimar

Sadly Mars is no longer with us. He was a very special Esaya Birman, becoming a Champion in three straight shows, and straight away followed this up with 4 Grand Champion certificates in 4 consecutive shows!!!  He was a great example of the Birman breed.  He particularly loved to be cuddled, and had an extremely loud purr. We miss you Mars.

Why Mars, well the Red plant of course!

Photograph by Alan Robinson


Show History : Esaya Mars wins Grand Champion certificates at the Teesside Cat Club (28/08/04), Northern Counties Cat Club (11/09/04), Cumberland (9/10/04) and Yorkshire County Cat Club (23/10/04) shows.... to become the 3rd Esaya Grand Champion boy! Well done Mars!

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  18th September 2016

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