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Picture of a Seal Point Birman in the Garden

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Welcome to the Esaya kitten page.  This is the part of the website where we all go 'Ahhhhhhhh...  aren't they cute'.

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Seal Tortie Point Birman - Kit and Caboodle  Chocolate Point Birman - Esaya Trixabelle

Tortie Siberian  Blue Tabby Siberian

Brown Tabby Siberian  Red Point Birman Boy

Smoke Siberian  Smoke Siberian

To find out more e-mail esaya birmans at

Before they go to their new homes, your kitten will have :

  • Been fully vaccinated against cat flu & enteritis.
  • Wormed and flea/tick/ear mite treated with stronghold.
  • Litter trained to Sanicat, which is a granular litter with an anti-bacterial compound.
  • Reared on Royal Canin biscuits, which you will receive vouchers for against your first food bag purchase. They also will have been fed fresh cooked chicken, tuna and scrambled egg mix served warm, kitten food pouches (variety of Tesco, Sainsbury's & Aldi pouches).
  • Been fully vet checked.

Optional Extras (please ask for more details):

  • Microchipping. We can arrange to have your kitten micro-chipped for you, and this will be added to the price of your kitten.

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 5th July 2020

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