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This page may be of interest to those people who suffer from cat allergies. Whilst we don't claim to have a solution to your problem, some people find that they are less allergic to a Siberian cat than other breeds.

Hypoallergenic - what does it mean?

The definition of hypoallergenic is "having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction".

The prefix 'hypo' in the word hypoallergenic means 'less than normal'. The word hypoallergenic therefore does not mean non-allergenic. A hypoallergenic cat is less likely than other cats to produce allergic reactions in some people.

Most people react quickly when they are exposed to a cat in the house, and by visiting a home who have a Siberian cat sufferers can sometimes quickly find out if they have a tolerance for a Siberian cat or not. However, allergies can be very individual and people who have allergies can react differently to the same cat. There are no guarantees.

The FelD1 allergen causes most (but not all) cat allergies. The allergen is transferred onto the cat's coat through the cat's saliva when they wash themselves, flakes of which cause irritation when they become airborne. Research has shown that the Siberian Cats' fur contains less FelD1 than other breeds.

Siberian allergy 'testing'

COVID-19 UPDATE: During the current pandemic, and for the safety of everyone involved, we have suspended all allergy sittings until further notice.

If you are thinking of obtaining one of our Siberian kittens, we now offer the new prospective parents the opportunity to meet a Siberian (one of our yound adult or neutered Siberians) within a controlled situation. To do this we use one of our pet-free cottages where tea/coffee etc. are made available. A Siberian is brought through to meet the allergy sufferer who is able to spend a little time with them in order to assess their reaction. We offer tea/coffee etc. and charge £35 for the session. The charge is made to cover the breeders time and cost of re-cleaning the cottage.

Please note sessions must be booked in advance with the breeder, as they are dependent upon a cottage being available for use.


  • Thanks ever so much for wonderful little Esaya Grigorie, or as we now call him 'Koschka'. He's just the most confident, affectionate, and not just a little cheeky kitten I think I've ever come across. We took him on holiday with most of my family and not only did he strut out into a room of 15 people asking to play but by the end of the week he had become bold enough with my brothers large Labrador that he snuck into her crate and stole her food! Quite remarkable. ........ Once again thanks very much. We're both extremely happy with him and he does not affect Ronnie's asthma.

To find out more e-mail esaya birmans at witchycat@btinternet.com

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